Why I Think That Amazon Handmade Sucks

Dear all, let me share my Amazon expertise with you so you may make knowledgeable choices about working with this platform.

I’m a full-time European vendor, I’ve been on Amazon Handmade for a 12 months now, fairly efficiently. I’m in enterprise for three years and I even have expertise with Etsy, Dawanda, Ebay, personal store and specialised craft gala’s.

Amazon has the worst, most cost-effective, rudest consumers of all of them, and that’s taking place as a result of Amazon encourages this.

On Amazon, in a 12 months I had three instances opened towards me (zero wherever else in three years), all within the area of 20USD, and quite a few harassments from consumers, typically utilizing abusive language.

My final straw was a case for 21.40$. The buyer was incoherent, beginning with “don’t need anymore”, too small, transferring to ‘not as described’ with none photo-proof. In the top this buyer acquired to maintain the product and acquired full refund. Will he do it once more? You guess. (Scum tip – go for EU sellers, that is the way you get the product 100% free).

Now, from what I see Amazon doesn’t give a flying F about sellers, they ALWAYS aspect with the consumers. And that’s simple to elucidate – they’re dropping nothing by refunding, they’re refunding with sellers’ cash anyway, and thus look good and sort to consumers on the expense of sellers.

Long story quick, it’s bordering on unattainable for a vendor to win A-to-Z, largely as a result of it’s processed by bots who ship canned messages, irrespective of the way you current your case. Customers will not be requested to offer any proof, vendor’s status isn’t taken under consideration.

Amazon actually made hundreds of {dollars} on my gross sales. I’m their buyer, but they spectacularly fail at offering providers, giving me assist and vendor’s safety. They name you although, and moreover waste much more of your time with affiliate’s blahblahblah.

Obviously, it’s go away it or like it, Amazon chooses such a enterprise mannequin, and it really works for them very well. But for me… I typically need to wash fingers and even take a bathe after coping with them and their clients. So, my resolution is go away it. Dirty.


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  1. As an EU seller, you are obliged to accept returns for any reason – the buyer doesn’t need to lie about whether something is damaged or not as described.

    It seems that Amazon is aware of the rules and will side with the buyer.

  2. And what is worse is that Etsy is starting to do this! I read a Forum Post (before they changed the format) of a Seller that had this happen to them. Though she claimed the money wasn’t taken from her but paid for by Etsy.

    In my opinion it is creating lazy and dishonest buyers everywhere. They think that if they complain loud enough they will get a refund AND get to keep thier items – and in lots of cases that is true!! I certainly have had people try it with me.

    Its frustrating but I try to keep telling myself that I am very fortunate to get to work from home full time.

  3. I as well sold on Amazon and though I sold more there I was not happy with the way sellers were treated. When I finally decided to move on I didn’t receive my money owed me for over a month. It is the only platform I truly disliked.

  4. Yes, you are absolutely right, online shopping gives many of us jobs, and income, it’s great. And because it’s my business, my workplace, so to say, I would like it to be trustful and considerate environment.

    And when I am forced to refund a customer who in my opinion behaves uncivilized, I feel bad towards my fellow-sellers, that thus I am helping breed this sort of buyers we all dislike.

    And as much as I like making sales, at some point I felt that Amazon’s environment is sapping my creative juices. i.e. my most important asset.

  5. I have no problem with Amazon Handmade, I have been asked once there for a refund, which I was more than happy to do, once I had the item back, it doesn’t matter what the reason is, I have had two similar instances on Etsy, that’s fine too.

    I am sure I will get problems at some time, but I haven’t on either platform yet (touch wood), and in the grand scheme of things, it won’t be a big thing.

    the thing that eats up most of my time, and therefore costs me money, it etsy finances, the VAT invoices are still wrong, I have 4 different ones for the month of October, that I’ve managed to look at and save, before they overwrote them, who knows how many I missed.

    and the AH statements are 1 line per sale, instead of 8, which is so much easier to do.

    The time I spend doing the very occaisional refund, pales into insignificance the the time that gets drained from me by etsy finances, and their inability to add up.

    So, I’m staying put in both places, they both have their pros and cons, but people are people everywhere, and you will occaisninally get a bad apple, whatever platform you are on, my skin is thick enough by now, not to let it bother me…..wish I could say the same about preparing my taxes!

    It’s “horses for courses”, and this horse is can run on both, if you can’t, then you have to decide what is best for you

  6. I do very well on etsy and I enjoy it more than I did on Amazon. I never liked having to wait 2 weeks for my money and sometimes more. Amazon is geared towards larger shops that can absorb having their funds held for longer amounts of time.

  7. I only transfer my money once a month from Etsy anyway, I got into the habit, as if I had to do any refund, it would be taken from my card, with a very bad conversion rate, and hefty currency conversion charge….so , because of Etsy not holding on to at least some money, in case of refunds, I have run on a monthly cashflow delay since the beginning, so a two weekly deposit from Amazon is just fine.

  8. If you’re getting a-z opened time after time it’s likely because you aren’t following amazon rules (especially if they get refund and product). I’ve had maybe 2 opened against me in 8 years. Yes they do cater to the buyer. Everything is outlined of what they expect you to do. Customers can return anything for any reason within 30 days. For international sellers it’s worse as you must pay return shipping. You can win a-z, but must play by their rules.

    While there are buyers who work the system, most just aren’t happy or change their mind. Could you imagine taking something into a store and being told you can’t return it because you didn’t like it or changed your mind? Sellers not liking it is exactly why buyers do and why it can bring so many sales. Returns are part of retail and have improved my customer service, descriptions, and products in an effort to reduce them.

    We have to do what works for our business. Etsy started slowing down for me years ago so as much as I really appreciate the etsy buyers, I simply wouldn’t be in business if not for selling on amazon. The returns cost some but that is factored into pricing. I get less than 1% returns and that’s using FBA which is a higher rate than when FBM

  9. It is great to hear opinions from both sides. I believe that this is why forums are valuable. Participants and readers can weigh all opinions and experiences and choose the best paths for their particular business and situation. I’m new to Amazon Handmade so I can’t really add anything on the topic but appreciate hearing from everyone who has posted.

  10. In my experience, A-to-Zs are not handled with clear instructions and timely notices (maybe because it’s done by bots?), as if Amazon doesn’t want you to win. Ha. For example, in seller’s dashboard, mine was closed and then reopened. WTF?

    Ironically, you learn by mistakes, and to know how to handle those claims, you need to have more of them. I am not ready for that path yet ))

    My experience (and forum observations) is that majority of such claims are for quite petty amounts (20-25 dollars), maybe happening because of 1-click.

    While on break from Amazon, I’ll do my research, and maybe reconsider the product/price range for my Amazon shop. I’m thinking, when people buy something worth 100+ dollars, maybe they pay more attention at checkout?

    Either way, good thing with Amazon, is that I don’t care anymore whether they deactivate my account or punish me with metrics. Sales are good, but value is low.

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