j8msxx Sep 12, 2018

1 out of 5 stars

Where do I start?? Firstly, the item arrived late, secondly it arrived in a completely different colour and thirdly the quality was incredibly poor!
When I approached the seller for a refund she vanished leaving me with no option than to open a case against her.
The sellers response to the case was abusive, accusing me of fraud, being a chav, even calling me a c**t in one message.
After being messed around awaiting courier collection times when the item finally was collected she went on to claim the item was incorrect and refused to refund me.
I’ve never had such an unprofessional and upsetting experience with a seller.
I would advise everyone to avoid like the plague!!
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kirstyjade01 responded

Completely fabricated review. Buyer was found to be fraudulent by Etsy and ultimately blocked as a user. Although I did offer every way to resolve any issues, I eventually had to escalate and ask Etsy to step in as I was being sent malicious, personal and harassing messages, which is when Etsy found that this buyer had attempted many fraudulent activities on the site previously (by retracting payments, claiming item not arrived or wrong item – thankfully I had all proof, not sending item back for refund but claiming they did, etc. Case was closed in my favour. As you will see from all my other feedback, there have been no other such issues with my valued, honest and respectful customers.

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jmerlihan on May 4, 2018

1 out of 5 stars

Worst shop EVER. NEVER sent my purchase, just kept my money. Contacted the shop several times trying to find my purchase but was only ignored. I had to contact Etsy, which led to a refund… i did not ask for a refund, just wanted what i paid for. DO NOT SHOP HERE. We are taking legal action now to assure this doesnt happen to ANYONE ELSE!!!!

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The Etsy Bad Buyer Reviews List

Etsy removed the option to leave reviews / feedback for buyers. On Etsy where many orders are custom made, or large and expensive to ship seeing buyer feedback can be very important when entering into a large purchase with an unknown buyer. This site provides Etsy sellers a place to go to view bad reviews / feedback left by buyers. Etsy’s reviews are publicly posted so the copies of reviews are not private or confidential information. On Etsy if you talk about reviews in the forum Etsy removes the posts, yet they make the review is fully public! Etsy should not stop you from publicly talking about, or responding to something that they publicly posted? Finally, Etsy reviews are no longer one-sided, this site provides options for Etsy sellers to view and openly share their buyer experiences for all.

Here is the Etsy bad buyer reviews list.

This list consists of reviews from buyers that are 1 – 3 stars

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