Freepik Banned Account – The account has been banned.

Freepik is NOT a recommended graphics supplier.  If you are looking for vectors and graphics take your business elsewhere.  Why?  Well I thought that I would try them out and purchased an annual subscription that costs approx $65 US.

I had access to their site for a few months and then suddenly couldn’t log in with this message:

The account has been banned. You can contact support if you think this is a mistake.

NO EXPLANATION!  NO REFUND! My email to support bounced back saying that their email inbox is full.  I didn’t do anything, I haven’t been a subscriber long enough to have listed any products for sale using the graphics I downloaded from Freepik.  So what exactly was I being banned from?  The services that I paid for that’s what!


I hadn’t used any graphics yet so there couldn’t be any license violations by me, but this made me take a closer look at their licensing.  THEY SUCK, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY, you can’t really even use their graphics according to their  graphics according to their license:

The User may use the content in the Freepik Content provided that it:

Does not use the content in the Freepik Content in printed or electronic items (e.g. t-shirts, cups, postcards, birthday or greeting cards, invitations, calendars, web models or electronic devices, apps, videogames, advertising spots, audiovisual animations) aimed to be resold, in which the content in the Freepik Content is the main element (because of size, relevance or any other cause, in case of doubt about whether the content is main element, it shall be deemed that the content is main element);

The graphic that you download from Freepik can’t be used as the main element! What!!  Well then Freepik what good are your graphics?  THEY AREN’T!!!

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