Etsy vs Ebay Fees

Does anyone sell on eBay? I did years ago but so much has changed. Does anyone have an understanding of fees on eBay? What is the % eBay takes vs Etsy?


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12 Replies to “Etsy vs Ebay Fees”

  1. Etsy is 8% plus $0.25 flat fee per transaction for US Shops.eBay is 10% plus Paypal payment processing which is 2.9% plus $0.30 non-refundable for US Shops, so 12.9% plus $0.30 non-refundable per transaction.

  2. Actually, that’s not exactly right…Etsy charges .20 per listing for 4 months whereas eBay charges $4.95/mo for 100 listings…….therefore, you pay $20 for 100 listings for 4 months on Etsy and you pay $19.80 for 4 months of listings on eBay….you save .20 in listing fees on eBay over those 4 months… though the transaction fees are higher on feeBay (10%) and the PayPal fee is slightly different/more also, 2.9% + .30 (Etsy is 3% +.25).I literally JUST left eBay (closed my store this past November) and started selling primarily on here, for the most part, and now only utilize the free 50/month listings on feeBay. The fees ARE higher on eBay than on Etsy, however, you get more exposure over there and there is no limit (as long as it’s legal) to what you can sell on eBay; here its either homemade or vintage only items.

    I did a lot of math and deciding if it was worth it for me to leave feeBay and come here, and so far, I am happier….for the most part.The only SUPER AGGRAVATING THING ON ETSY I have is there HORRIBLE “Finance/Payment section” – that is such a hot mess that I can’t even understand why they can’t figure out how to do everyone’s numbers correctly. For instance, today is JANUARY 31st, yet we are currently in the February invoice already -duuuuuh!! Do they even realize how screwed up that is and how it wreaks complete havoc on 99% of Etsy users accounting processes??!! – ugggg….drives me insane honestly!

    And another thing, why in the world does the “available for deposit” amount not update like it says it does in 1 business day???!!!! I have a balance showing of an amount that was sort of close to that over a week ago! I withdraw my funds on the first of each month for the prior month’s sales so my banking and excel sheets are balanced, but Etsy has the numbers soooo flippin wrong.

  3. I sell on eBay & have a starter store for items that don’t sell good here and don’t qualify for vintage here.eBay fees are 10% on the total of the order, the item + shipping, not 8%. Their fees have been 10% for quite a few years.

    Plus you have the 2.9% + 30 cent Paypal processing fee.With a starter store for $4.95 a month and the 100 listings, ebay doesn’t give any discounts on transactions fees. It’s still 10%.Good thing even with a store you still get the promos ebay sends out for 100, 200 extra free listings.But if you upgrade to another store tier you get a small discount. I think with the basic tier store that’s $21.95 per month if you sign up for a year your transactions fees are a little less 9.15% instead of 10%.

  4. Remember fees and how they apply to your items/shipping are not the same thing. Item cost and shipping weight can make the actual percentage of item price that goes to fees way more than 5-8-10%.

  5. I left Etsy and am selling on eBay. I pay $4.95 a month for a shop. I have my banner like here to make it personalized and look like a store. I am allowed to post 100 items for $4.95 a month. I do not pay .20 cents per listing! On Etsy, the same 100 items here cost $20.00 versus $4.95 a month!! This saves you tons of money in its self! Ebay charges 8% in fees plus shipping fees. I am getting tons more feature, more sales, I don’t have to re-work tags and listings over and over and over and over again!!! oh, yeah… I don’t have to fill out tags and all the other crap ( to show up in other categories) when I do my listings to be found, eBay does this all for me, to show up!

    Unlike Etsy making us only show up for free shipping, control control. It takes far less time on eBay to list an item and be done. eBay also does not change the format of our store, like Etsy CONSTANTLY. Ebay does not CONTROL me and my store of what I can sell, eBay does promote me, unlike Etsy! eBay has editing of photos for me right in my listing.

    Etsy is so…………….difficult it isn’t funny when it comes to listing an item and had I not moved to eBay, I would not realize this, all this Etsy crap OF COMING UP WITH THE RIGHT TAGS is a waste of time of one’s life, ( COZ IT IS NOT GOING TO WORK ANYWAY) much like sitting in traffic and not going anywhere….Etsy has done away with treasures, forums, payment systems of what once was, PAYPAL and has just ruined Etsy in every possible way they can. They might as well change the name from Etsy to something else because it is NO LONGER Etsy!!!

  6. The eBay fees are higher than Etsy. I still sell there – mainly items which don’t fit into Etsy’s categories – example: non vintage.Without a seller store subscription, we get 50 free listing a month.

    With a store subscription there are many more free listings available. I don’t make enough to subscribe to a store, so I only use those 50 free listings a month.I cannot depend on Etsy only for sales. The “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” thinking. Yes, I do make a profit on eBay … so it’s worth it even with the higher fees.

  7. Thanks! Yes, about 5 years ago I sold a selection of curtains and vintage hardware and did well, but now I also sell large vintage restored furniture and see there are not too many furniture sellers on Ebay anymore so I wonder if it would be a dead deal.

    I cannot figure out the shipping format on Ebay anymore, I need to put my custom shipping $$$ in and it only allows for UPS, FED EX or USPS, none of which I use so I am at an impass.Does the 10% on Ebay cover CC processing or is that additional?

  8. Ebay is doing the same thing. If they arent doing it to you, your very lucky. All the small sellers on Ebay are complaining like everyone, is here. But here’s the deal. We all need a site that we show up in the search engine fairly. Where or what is that place? And a site that takes paypal. The heck with these sites controlling everyones money. I understand this. Etsy sellers are wrapped up in their shops. I understand that. Everyones shops are pretty and nice. But what good does that do ,if we all sit around and get no views. And Yes i do understand there are exceptions. But never believe you are immune to this either. Because if happened to me, it can happen to anyone. 5000 positive feedbacks, never a return and never a neg in 20 years. In one day on another site, I ceased to exist. I blame it on artificial intelligence.

  9. I too sold on Ebay years before Etsy came around, have about 3,000 sales there. Went back to test the waters this past year due to Etsy’s rising fees and just jacked my prices up to make up for the % increase in fees – in general not including shipping you’re looking at at least Etsy 5%, Ebay 10%, My own site 2.9%…I’m still on all of them but moving toward my own site for sure. I actually sold off of my own site before Etsy, and had steady (but slow) sales so I continued to focus building my shop on Etsy instead of my small website, which now I see was a bad idea so back to the website again! But to answer your question, Ebay’s fees are high but the exposure and sales can be much better than Etsy you just have to price accordingly. I don’t like someone controlling my exposure as Etsy has now decided to do – not having to deal with that is SO freeing.

  10. Ebay and Etsy are neck and neck. I have about 3/4 of my inventory on eBay and am slowly moving all of it over. I used to favor Etsy because of the nicer community and lower fees but they keep eroding the community and raising the fees, so there really is no reason to give them most of my sales any more.

  11. Fees vary depending on whether you have a shop or not and which services you can offer (you pay less if you can offer certain postage times and services). With a shop you get a certain amount of listings included in the fee which might work out competitively if you use up all your free ones.

    Overall the traffic is greater at Ebay but you may struggle to get the same prices you command here on Etsy.If you don’t sign up as a business, then you can get some free listings as an individual to test the waters before taking the plunge.

  12. I’ve been On there forever. Since 01. And as much as it can be frustrating. It has become WAY better then here, now. I hate to give them any credit. But I will. At least when you sell, and a customer uses Paypal. You HAVE your own money. Monthly fees that you pay due around the fifth of the month. your money is YOURS. Ok now. Ebay too has plans on changing over to managed payments, so you may only have a couple of years. Theres also a big shake up going on. Where a hege fund investor named Elliot management is telling ebay to get their S….it together or heads are gonna roll. You can read the article on e commerce bytes.

    But it may be a good thing.The only beef I have with fee bay is… They throttle sellers. Turn them on and off at will. It’s also hard to show up in the search engine like here. But as bad as ebay is. it looks absolutely great compared to this. Now. At least, for alittle while. I say give it a try.

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