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Inactive Etsy Member on 09 Jan, 2019

1 out of 5 stars

Disappointed in the quality and color. Amateur craftsmanship. The color is pinkish next to similar gold bangles and they are flimsy. The customer service was also less than I expected. The Etsy page I bought the 3 sets of bangles from said the price was $180.00. I bought three sets at 9:00 PST and it took Paypal about a minute to process the order. Making it 9:01. This seller charged me $225.00 for that extra minute. I kept the Etsy page for future reference showing the $180.00. They are now on sale again for $174.00. The seller refuses to adjust the price. FOR ONE MINUTE. NOW the shipping was also a problem. I bought three sets on December 15. I received 2 sets on January 3rd and I still don’t have the last set.The seller made me pay an extra $45.00 for speedy delivery Toronto to Vancouver 19 Days! The seller was rude.

Hammered Bangle Set Gold Bangle Set Gold Filled Bangles, 3 Classic Bangles, Hand Forged Bangles, Textured Bangles Gold Stacking Set

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Inactive Etsy Member on 11 Jan, 2019

1 out of 5 stars

These bangles are not worth the $225.00 I was charged. I bought them at $180.00 on line and was told I was 1 minute late(literally) so I got charged $225.00 plus another $56.00 shipping within her own country. Ordered them December 15th and the last set arrived yesterday. The 10th. Now I have to figure out how to dispose of them.
I have had wonderful pieces from other artisans on this shopping site.
This seller,however,casts a disparaging shadow over Etsy. I closed the case against this seller NOT ETSY. They did not rule in her favor. I just simply hit the’ close case’ button. I can’t be bothered anymore.

ClearWater Designs by Kim Shimizu responded on 12 Jan, 2019

Unfortunately, these reviews are based on opinion & customers can leave false accusations & untrue facts here with no recourse. If these accusations were true, the case she opened with Etsy against my shop would have been ruled in her favour & my shop would have been disciplined or closed. This IS NOT THE CASE. It DID NOT HAPPEN. It is my hope that future customers will see past these lies to the other almost 200 5 star glowing reviews that I’ve had. I’ve had my shop open for 6 yrs & I have close to 900 sales under my belt. Please know that YOU CAN buy with confidence from my shop & you will receive quality handcrafted jewelry that is always shipped on time according to the ship-by-date on your receipt. Thank you for your continued support!

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