Don’t Waste Your Time with Spreadshirt

I decided to try selling on other sites and uploaded some of my designs on .  It turned out to be a big waste of time!  It’s free to create an account, that’s were the good part ends.

I created my account and started uploading and adding my designs to products such as shirts, coffee mugs, wall art prints and such.  I spend hours adding the designs to the products making sure they were aligned properly on the merchandise, adding key words and descriptions for my designs etc.

Two days later I logged into to see how my store was coming along and all my designs got REJECTED!!! by and they didn’t add them.

My designs either had a note saying that they didn’t meet their standards, this included some of my best selling wall art in Etsy, or that Rights unaccounted for.

Provided Reasons for Rejection:

Reasons for rejection: Rights unaccounted for

Reasons for rejection: Marketplace Standards

Reasons for rejection: Design Quality

These are products that I have been selling on Etsy for years and having printed at shutterfly with no quality problems.

Don’t waste your time with these losers!